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Web-DeWD can put your mind at rest. We'll support you

Look After Your Online Presence

web-dewds supports websites for all

If you need someone to keep your website or web app up to date, we can tailor a maintenance package to help you. Maybe you have an issue and don't know where to turn to. Our support packages might be for you.

Whether you're a small local organisation, or a multi-national, Web-Dewd has the dynamism and foresight to help you look after your online presence.

What can we support?

Basically speaking, if you have something which can load in a browser, it's more than likely we can help look after it. Web sites, web apps, forms, databases...

Will I have to contact you through a call centre?

In a word, No! You will have direct contact with a developer with over 20 years experience in building and supporting web sites and web apps. We use WhatsApp, Telephone, Email. Whatever's convenient! In many companies, this is the 3rd line of support. And you can be passed from pillar to post to get there. Therefore, we save you time, by getting you to the expertise straight away.

What's maintenance and how can it help me?

It's quite possible that you have been told to upgrade your device or your software e.g. your phone or tablet. This is also the case with anything on the web. Except things quite often don't run as smoothly. We make sure your web presence keeps up to date with supported versions of software. If that Update button is bothering you, we'll help you with it.

Isn't updating my web software as easy as clicking an upgrade button?

It can be, but 90% of the time simply clicking the upgrade button is not the most sensible way of upgrading your web software. Also, some upgrades can only be done by someone competent in web software. We make sure everything is backed up. We make sure functions/ plugins you have are able to work after upgrading. We'll test this on our own services first, minimising the impact to you and your business. If upgrading is an issue we can put it on hold and talk about the options you have to keep you running and up to date.

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