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Prices as at 2023 - all prices are subject to an additional 20% VAT.

Prices exclude costs by 3rd parties e.g. hosting company. Actual prices on application and analysis of requirements.
All prices are based on WordPress. Prices for other platforms can be provided. Prices and work are subject to Web DeWD terms.

Website Creation - Basic Package - £300.00
Item Id Category Item Price
WB-H1 Hosting Set up website hosting Inclusive
WB-H2 Hosting Configure domain with hosting (includes purchase of domain if necessary) Inclusive
WB-H3 Hosting Setting up and help in configuring up to 2 email addresses on a smart phone Inclusive
WB-H4 Hosting Setting up SSL certificate for domain Inclusive
WB-H5 Hosting Setting up backups if necessary Inclusive
WB-T1 Themes

Installation and configuration of 1 WordPress theme chosen by client

  • Configuration as supported by theme only
  • Set up of menus and 4 pages max
  • Includes any content supplied by client. (Web-DeWD does not provide written content)
  • Stock images can be added per 3rd party cost for copyright permission.
Extensions - Actual Price on Application
Item Id Category Item Price
E-TU1 Tuition WordPress tuition to a level of managing content (a prerequisite is basic computer knowledge e.g. Microsoft Word) from £175.00 for 1 person (unlimited tuition reference for 1 year)
E-S1 Statistics Implementation of Google Analytics (shows how site is being used and how often) from £75.00
E-T1 Themes Customisation of existing themes from £75.00
E-T3 Themes Creation of bespoke theme (e.g. based on provided design) from £800.00
E-I1 Images Image customisation from £50.00
E-C1 Content Addition of new content provided by client (including words and images) from £40.00 per time
E-C2 Content As EC1, but unlimited (fair use applies) from £47.50 per month (also includes image customisation)
E-P1 Plugins Installation and configuration of marketplace plugins from £35.00 per month
E-P2 Plugins Creation of bespoke functionality not provided by existing plugins (e.g. to create a web app) from £200.00 (can range up to several £k)
E-S1 Support*

This includes any or all of the following:

  • Keeping WordPress up to date - including fixing any update issues
  • Keeping 3rd party software up to date - e.g. Themes and plugins
  • Reviewing health of site including running tests
  • Advice and telephone/ text support for site
from £37.50 per month
E-A1 Analysis - business or technical

This covers any of the following:

  • Website or web app speed analysis
  • Reviewing health of site including running tests
  • Drawing up business requirements
From £150.00
eCommerce - Actual Price on Application - from £425.00
Item Id Category Item Price
EC-B1 Basic Package Implementation of WooCommerce as shop with Stripe/ Paypal payment Inclusive
EC-P1 Plugins Customiser - personalises a shop to make it unique to your business £125.00 per year
EC-P3 Plugins Implementation of other 3rd party plugins From £75.00 per year
EC-T1 Tuition WooCommerce tuition (assumes WordPress knowledge - see above for WordPress tuition price - E-T1) From £225.00 for 1 person (unlimited tuition of basic functions for 1 year)

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* Issues created by or as a by-product of Web DeWD development are covered under warranty without the need for a support package.