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Windows? Android? Apple? What's next?....

HTML5 is what's known as platform independent technology. In other words, it doesn't care where it sits. In the right hands, it will work on any device.* HTML5 forms the basis of all our product delivery, no matter what the product or the platform. By developing this way, the benefits become clear:

  • Fewer technologies to manage
  • Fewer platform specific issues
  • Quicker deployment to a multitude of devices
  • Simpler to support and maintain

By combining HTML5 with the elegance and beauty of CSS, and the control and dynamism of JavaScript, we deliver solutions that will leave your company well placed to deal with what both today and the future have to offer. More...

Cloud Technologies

The technologies we use are perfectly suited to all the services we provide: new Websites and Business Applications. They are also perfectly suited to being completely mobile.

In all products we build, we harness the opportunities provided by todays ever improving levels of remote connectivity. Unless you specify otherwise, we will build your solution so you can access it from anywhere. This is especially beneficial to companies which need their teams to access company data in the field.


In building your solution, it is often necessary to house your data somewhere reliable and secure. For these reasons and a myriad of other benefits, we select MySQL as our database of choice.

MySQL is the most popular open source database available, and it is deployed to billions of devices globally. Together with the power and versitility of PHP, we ensure your solution is flexible in its deployment and its upkeep.


We take security seriously. That's why in every service we provide, we use the best levels of validation and encryption available. We want you to have piece of mind that your data is safe with our solutions.

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