HTML5 Website development in London

Web-DeWD Terms & Conditions


Fees for WDEWD Ltd services are given as 1 of 3 options:

  1. Time and materials per hour or part thereof
  2. Time and materials per day (any continuous 7.5 period)
  3. Agreed fixed fee if feasible


  • Work will be agreed beforehand, and an estimate/ fixed fee provided for that agreed work.
  • Work will use currently supported software at the time of creation. Deprecated or unsupported technologies at the time of creation will not be used.
  • Current fees are provided on enquiry.


  1. Bugs relating to work will be covered as long as the technology unpinning them remains supported and is not broken as a result of such technology deprecating and/ or by the removal of or change of API's or functions supported by that technology at the time of creation.
  2. Enhancements include any requirement not completed as part of work agreed as a result of the process in fees above. Enhancements will be charged as per fees above. Enhancements can range from simple hard coded text changes to complex engineering solutions i.e. any work requiring a software release. WDEWD Ltd will work with a client in good faith to determine the most cost effective method of providing enhancements.
  3. Enhancements will also include any work required to update software no longer supported as set out in 1 above.


Any work licensed for use over a specific time (usually 1 year unless specifically specified otherwise) will be fully supported for all bugs by WDEWD Ltd over the period of time such license runs. It is possible for licensees to benefit from enhancements to the underlying product if WDEWD Ltd chooses to release any enhancement. Any such enhancements are fully at the descretion of WDEWD Ltd. Enhancements to licensed products at the request of a specific client will be subject to the FEES and BUGS and ENHANCEMENTS sections as specified above. WDEWD Ltd has the right to not extend licenses and also support beyond the expiry of any current license. Such software will be considered discontinued. However, if deemed practicle by WDEWD Ltd terms for FEES and conditions for any client which requires on going support for discontinued software can be discussed.


All code created by WDEWD Ltd will remain the property of WDEWD Ltd.

WDEWD Ltd can create proprietary solutions. Such solutions must be expressly agreed as proprietary prior to project commencement. Such solutions are likely to be subject to higher fees than standard projects where WDEWD Ltd retains owenrship.

Individual implementation and usage of software provided by WDEWD Ltd for a specific business model will be subject to any copyright terms set by that company. Such copyright terms will not override the usage of the software subject to the terms above.


Changes to terms may be applied at any point to allow WDEWD Ltd to remain commercially viable and commercially competitive. WDEWD Ltd will give advance warning of changes as much as is practically possible.